It was a great day for the deacons of Maine last Saturday, when we met at St. Martin’s in Palmyra. We were joined by our Bishop and 7 of the people in the Deacon Formation Program. Our hosts at St. Martin’s welcomed us warmly with coffee, fruit and Deacon Tom’s Gilbert’s delicious cinnamon buns — this brought back such memories of my own deacon formation days — after the long drive from York, it was always a treat to smell the scent of cinnamon wafting from the classroom where we met at BTS….

After Morning Prayer together, we spent time together talking about our structure and how we might find better ways of organizing ourselves. Elected by consensus were 2 co-conveners (Alicia Kellogg, and Aaron Perkins), 2 chaplains (Christine Bennett and Peggy Day) and 1 communications officer (me, Sudie Blanchard) The Bishop has appointed a third Archdeacon, Mary Lee Wile, to join Audrey and Tom. After Noonday Prayer followed by a delicious lunch, we had a good conversation with our bishop, as we reflected together on the changes faced by the church. The day concluded with Eucharist. We also bid a fond farewell to Deacon Deborah McKean, who is retiring and moving to California.

On the table in the back of the room were several resources of interest. One, “Daily Prayer for all Seasons”, contained a prayer that was used in one of our services. At Mary Lee’s request, I’ve included here a link to Daily Prayer for all Seasons. I’ve glanced through it. I think it may be a useful resource. THe chair of the task force that wrote it, the Rev. Julia Wakelee-Lynch , welcomes our feedback. Her email address is

I took some pictures on Saturday and will post them here on the blog later in the week, as time allows. Sudie