The deacons of Maine have maintained a prayer list for a number of years. When I was in deacon formation, one of us in formation took responsibility for maintaining it. As we were ordained, we passed it on to another behind us in the class. I was responsible for it for one of the years I was in DFP. It was on of the duties in the job description I got as your new “communications officer.” Mary Lee has passed it on to me, and I sent it out to the 38 people who have been getting it.

I certainly don’t mind maintaining the list and praying it daily– after all praying is one of the most important things any of us can do! But at this transition time, it seems wise to hear what others think.

When I sent the list out yesterday, I asked the recipients for comments.

One said that she was surprised that it was no longer a responsibility of a member of the DFP as it was when she was going through the process.

Another suggested the list be for and about deacons, their families, ministries i.e. more personal and specific to our particular community. It would allow us to connect with each other through prayer and to be more aware of each others lives. If it were made accessible only to the community there might be less need for strict confidentiality. (If we did this, we’d need to set up a more secure venue than this publicly available blog!  I could probably figure out how to do this…)

For reasons of confidentiality, the list is currently very generic — no last names and very few details:
e.g. “Pray for Mary who is grieving”
It is also “blind copied” so that the names of other recipients are not known. “Reply all” sends the reply only to me.

So, deacons and deacons in formation, what do you think? Comments please.

If you are one of those who gets the list currently, what do you like about it?  Dislike?

I’m all ears.