Know any young adults who might want to know more about the diaconate? Some of you at the retreat last week mentioned some possibilities in your parishes.  There’s also a need for deacon mentors.  Mary Lee sent me the scoop on “The Seven” a program sponsored by the AED that matches young adults with seasoned mentor deacons as they explore deacon ministry together — the deadline for applications is approaching soon, so track down those potential participants! There will only be 15 participants?mentors selected this first year. Here’s what you need to know:

The Seven is a part-time, 10-month, hands-on spiritual and educational experience for young adults (18-30 years old) who want to engage in meaningful work and reflection in their communities while discerning their own vocational calls, in mentored relationships with Episcopal deacons. 

• Participants serve where they live and engage in work and reflection that connects head, hands and heart to gain a deeper understanding of the needs, hopes and concerns of the world. Participants gain experience and understanding in a variety of expressions of diaconal ministry and a certificate of completion from the Association for Episcopal Deacons.

• Deacon mentors serve as companions as participants select meaningful work. They then accompany them through an process of reflection, education and spiritual growth. Mentors will also gain continuing education experience and documented credit from the Association for Episcopal Deacons. 

• Online education and other interactive communication tools connect participants and their deacon mentors for group learning and conversation.

The file linked here provides all the details. The application is available in Word format, or as a fillable Adobe PDF file. Complete either version, then e-mail it to Deacon Susanne Watson Epting by June 15th.

We can only take 15 participants (and their mentors) for this first year. Should you be selected to participate, you will be asked to register for the program online, and to submit the $300 tuition at that time.

The June 15th is right around the corner, folks–there’s no time to waste! Two New England deacons have been involved in the planning: our own Aaron Perkins, and Kyle Pedersen (Dio Connecticut) who many of us know from Deacon Network meetings–our own Peg Thomas is also involved in the project.  Knowing these two, I know that this program will be fantastic!