The community of active deacons in the Episcopal Diocese of Maine is 42-strong, and growing!

We work to further God’s mission by taking Christ’s message and ministry beyond the Church walls, by taking – being – the Church in the world. We are comprised of those who (using our own words): nurture, nag, discern, advocate, feed, write, break down barriers, support, counsel, companion, link, care for, comfort, teach, listen, and love. And we perform those tasks in a wide variety of settings: from nursing homes to prisons, day care to hospice, the streets to the study, shelters to the Senate, and from Aroostook to York County.

When we go back into the Church, we take along with us the stories of those we’ve encountered, the needs of those we’ve cared for, the images we’ve seen, the work we’ve done — and then we encourage others in our congregations to share these ministries of advocacy and service.

Deacons are often referred to as bridges, as icons, as messengers. At the New England Deacons’ Network conference in October 2010, our Bishop gave us a new title and a new task: “More and more, we’ve got to take what we’ve got to the people. And deacons will lead the parade.”